Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tulip and kerria

In my early days of writing, it was sufficient to go to a conference and listen and absorb as much as I could.  At this stage in the game I am finding it much more beneficial to go with a WIP in hand.  I came out of the NESCBWI nonfiction academy with more critiques and some concrete ideas on how to improve my manuscript.   It was well worth it for me.  This week, I revised and revised, whittling, carving and shaping the manuscript into a tighter story.  Next Tuesday, my friends and I will exchange notes, discuss what we learned and how we applied it, and critique revised manuscripts.  Can't wait!

On May 16th, I will be joining the CT Climate Change Education Communication Group on a field trip to Harkness Memorial Park to see how climate change has impacted that park.  The word "field trip" brings me such glee.

My favorite tulip reminds me of royalty.  The cascading yellow flowers are kerria, which grows in a bush. 

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