Friday, May 4, 2012

Rose Farm, Bolton

This week, I literally cut up my picture book manuscript.  The exercise was suggested at a recent conference.  Scene cuts were cake.  After that, things got dicey.  I ended up with about thirty pieces or pages, but I neglected to incorporate full-page spreads (oops!).  This made me wonder how an editor chooses what goes on a full-page spread versus a half page?  I read on a blog that full-page spreads cost less because there is less art.  I wound up making a huge mess of the thing with some pages having one sentence and others having a hundred.  The exercise was helpful because I trimmed text-heavy pages by turning a paragraph into a sidebar.  After that exercise and another critique session, I dropped the revised manuscript in the mailbox.  Today, I mailed out a different package, putting more irons in the fire!  Yeehah!

Outdoor gear blog

I found a really great blog if you're looking for outdoor gear.  Matt Heid  blogs about tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, and all kinds of outdoor stuff.   He mentioned his blog in his article about tents in the May/June 2012 issue of the Appalachian Mountain Club magazine, AMC Outdoors.

A few weeks ago, we explored the pastoral setting at Rose Farm.  The meadow, surrounded by ancient stone walls and trees, would be a beautiful place to have a picnic.  A trail in the woods led to the Rail Trail near Steele's Crossing in Bolton.   In 1781, General Rochambeau and his men camped here before joining George Washington.  For more history click here. (4th post down).

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