Friday, August 24, 2012

Bryce National Park

Here are a few wildlife photographs from Bryce National Park.  I could have watched these ravens for a long time.  Their antics and the scenery behind them were captivating.  I was a bit fearful one of the birds would peck my hand when I moved in for this close shot of its talons.  Thankfully, they were preoccupied.   At the time, I thought they were feeding each other.  According to this blurb about ravens on the park's website, they are "especially romantic during the breeding season."  After reading that, I now think I witnessed an "eskimo kiss."'  How cute.

The bottom photograph is a pronghorn that didn't stand still long enough for Walt to focus.  No wonder, it's the fastest land animal in North America!  During the summer they molt to a thinner coat. 


  1. I love ravens! They are such fascinating, intelligent creatures. Those are great pics!

  2. Thanks Christina. I thought it was pretty amazing how they team up to open bear-proof garbage cans. Pretty shrewd.