Monday, September 24, 2012

I am finally at a lull and can spare some time to post.  I am quite grateful to the folks at Woods Hole for giving me the opportunity to hear scientists, learn about research and view labs and technology.  I came back all charged up to write some fresh stories.    

These photographs were taken at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.  When the land was given to WHOI, there was a stipulation in the agreement that WHOI had to take care of the pet cemetery.  My goodness they had a lot of pets.  I spotted the osprey nest on the premises, but apparently the birds don't like peeping Toms.  I was told the nest was currently unoccupied.   Afterward, I found the osprey cam website.

  One day we visited the site of some research projects such as this marsh study.  Another day, I went with another fellow to interview a scientist and wound up in the wrong building.  OMG, I haven't laughed so hard since before my mother died last year.  It was great to feel like myself again.      

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