Saturday, September 8, 2012

Zion National Park

I'm working on some stuff that is due October 1st.  I'll tell you more about that near month's end (when I find out if I'm doing this right!).

Tomorrow morning, I'm off to Woods Hole!  I put a lanyard on the camera to hang it around my neck so it is not in my hands, but easily accessible.  If it gets too heavy, it's going in the backpack.   

These are photos of wildlife at Zion National Park.  The flower is a Sacred Datura which has many names such as moon lily and jimson weed.  It's not the only thing that wilts in the mid-day heat.  "This is a poisonous, narcotic plant that can lead to death if eaten."  It is HIGHLY toxic and I think back on how close I was to touching it when I photographed it (this is the kind of stuff that would freak out my mother when she'd read my blog!).

There are quite a few lizards in Zion.  This little guy was glued to a woman's baseball cap.  She said her friend put him on her cap and he stayed there.  Realistically, while she is walking, where is he going to go?   The mule deer didn't budge when half a dozen or more people stood there taking photographs.  


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