Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hammonasset State Beach
    When I first started writing, I thought it was like climbing a mountain.  Every time you think you're near the top, you discover the top is farther than you think.  I've come to realize, there is no top to this mountain.  It goes on and on and on.
     Writing is more like being on a boat, rising and falling on rolling swells. The trick is to stay afloat.  When the horizon slips out of sight, it's easy to get lost in the gutter of a giant wave.  A frothy wall of water looms over head when every road you take, takes you nowhere--unanswered emails, denied presentations, opportunities lost, rejections received, unanswered emails--all have a way of piling up.  But when you're riding high on a swell, you bask in the sunshine and catch a thrill from one wild ride.
     Thankfully new opportunities grow where others have withered and died.  One such opportunity dropped in my inbox this week.  In mid-February, I'm going to Texas to work on line items for test passages.  It's part of research on a new methodology for item writing.

Hammonasset State Beach
Recently I found this Frontline episode about climate deniers.  "The tactics that this movement uses were developed and tested in the tobacco industry first, and now they’re being applied to the climate change movement, and in fact, some of the same people and some of the same organizations that were involved in the tobacco issue are also involved in climate change."

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