Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The 21st Century Children's Nonfiction Conference, SUNY New Paltz

There were a lot of intriguing sessions listed in the program.

Despite a freshly sprained ankle, I had a remarkably good time at the 21st Century Children's Nonfiction Conference at SUNY, New Paltz.  I drove to the conference wearing flip flops and with an ice pack strapped tightly around my left foot.  Once I got there, I never iced it again because I didn't want to miss anything.

All the sessions I went to were really good and helpful to me.  They gave me fresh markets to pursue, great ideas for school visits and different perspectives for developing quality books.  The faculty was quite diverse.  There were authors, editors, illustrators, digital media developers, app developers, the publisher of a daily app newspaper, the owner of an independent bookstore and a librarian from a major library.  It was interesting hearing how publishers are adapting to the changing and evolving digital world. 

David Aguilar did an excellent job of story telling with his captivating  account of the  "Big Bang."  I was fascinated watching the 3-D printing demo and totally amused when they scanned and printed out Roxie Munroe's head.  It was a weekend to make new writing friends and catch up with old ones.  I made it a point to sit with new people at every meal.  The first night we had a wonderful buffet dinner outside.  It featured the potato martini--mashed sweet or white potatoes in a martini glass with toppings.  It was such a creative idea and perfect for a conference of creators.
This 3-D printer melted plastic at 240°C
Roxie's head and shoulders were scanned..

The 3-D printer made little Roxie......
....and these too.  The skull and hinge (corner of hinge is on right)  had moveable parts.

What a shame this didn't come out right!  One man's junk was another man's treasure (see top photo).

By Sunday night, after a weekend of neglect, my ankle was as bloated as a bullfrog.   I discovered ice cold shower water (foot only!) worked wonders to reduce pain and swelling.

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  1. Cool, Linda...fun post! Good for you for braving it despite hurt paw. I wish we could have hung out more, but it was so lively, engaging, and had so much interesting info to absorb, in addition to the great attendees and faculty. I love this conference!