Saturday, April 18, 2009

On the upside, I'm very satisfied with where I am with my latest project. There was an abundance of research papers on the topic. Although it seemed like a lot of writing to churn out under a deadline, it's in really good shape. Lengthwise, it's there. I am in the process of getting input from a couple of scientists so those sections and the conclusion will need refinement.

On the downside, I've spent the week with some members of the "Dis" family. They are not a very nice family.
1. Discourage - My mother's doctor said these 4 words. "Something didn't heal right." I've been walking with her for months and she spent 5 months at my house recouping last year. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
2. Disbelief - The pharmacists generously refilled her prescription - THREE times and in 3 doses. What if the med was morphine, barbituates, oxycontin? Let's have a pill party! I've been on the phone and emailing this popular pharmacy that this problem could be fatal if a customer doesn't notice and takes a lower or higher amount of meds then needed.
3. Disillusion - When he hangs out with D. Value, the combination can be lethal.

Thankfully Dismember didn't show up!

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