Sunday, October 3, 2010

Today, I posted photographs of Myrtle, a green turtle at the New England Aquarium. Like Ari, she also had a health check-up, but she was small enough for them to pull out of the water and examine up close and personal. They drew blood and tested it for disease. The Aquarium website says this turtle is at least seventy years old!

I'm still working on this same piece of writing that is maybe 90% complete. It may be done by our email swap date this week, but it certainly won't be verified for accuracy so, unfortunately, I will not make my own too tight deadline.

I have a new plan for a hands-on science presentation that I think will be exciting. Hopefully, I can get moving on this real fast.


  1. I hope the docs are gentle with the old gal! I'll be she's several years their senior, so they'd better show her some respect!

  2. The docs were gentle, but the interns, OMG. They couldn't find the ole reptile's artery and kept poking it in different spots with a needle. I guess docs of the future have to start somewhere. I'm sure Myrtle was overjoyed when she slipped back into the big cylindrical tank.