Sunday, October 2, 2011

I decided to attend the NSTA conference. I couldn't pass it up because it's right here in CT. I won't need airfare or a hotel. As I reviewed their website, words from a wise editor echoed in my head. "Invest in yourself."

Was it worthwhile to become a member of NSTA? Spend $75 to save $5 on admission = no.
Should I go half day or full day? A full day was the better deal.
Which day should I go? That was real tough. It came down to either Thursday or Friday.
What do I want to get out of this? In order of priority:
1. I want to see a presentation by a writer/author to see what they are all about.
2. I want to hear about the standards
3. I want to see the exhibits, presentations and workshops

I've done some preliminary research on two new ideas. The one that is really exciting me came from Melanie's notebook from a college science course. INTERESTING stuff!

Last week, I hiked at Bolton Notch with my friends, Maureen and Emily. I showed them the tunnel, the cave, the flag rock, the cliffs, and the pond. It was the end of September and all three of us took off our shoes and socks and walked into the swimming hole (that was closed for the season) up to the bottoms of our pants (or shorts in my case). In the hot sun, the water was refreshing.

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