Friday, October 28, 2011

Yesterday, I was in Hartford for the National Science Teachers Association Conference. It's interesting to note that what I got out of presentations often differed dramatically from what I thought I'd get out of them. For instance, there was a workshop about how the NSTA committee picks award winning books that I thought might be depressing (I have lots of magazine articles!). It was excellent. I got a whole sheet of what reviewers look for in science books, things to think about when I write. They spoke highly and enthusiastically about their selections and mentioned subjects they rarely see. Another workshop about how we learn was quite interesting and material about standards made me feel like I'm right on target with my subject matter.

I could have spent more time in the exhibit hall where I entered a dark semi-spherical moonbounce structure, a digital starlab. The larva of a Mexican jumping bean trying to repair its broken bean captivated me for a long while. I viewed it with a microscope that worked like a computer mouse. As a kid, I had jumping beans.

I drove into Hartford on a raw rainy day and came home to find October snow on the back deck. Some of the stuff I got at the conference is in the top photograph. The thin sheets of antibacterial soap were really nouveau, although I surely contaminated them when I pulled them all out. Shhhh. It's my little secret. Anyone need some dirty soap?

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