Friday, October 21, 2011

Mount Monadnock, Jaffrey, New Hampshire

I pored over an outline this week. One chapter was too big and got split. That left me with a new question. Am I losing the story? I think I've got it under control.

Then I shifted gears to work on a chemistry article that needed more chemistry (heaven forbid!). I chose workshops and presentations for a conference next week. That task took a good 1.5 hours because there were so many choices to sift through. Today, I made copies of a brochure and an article that pertains to my talk. I will bring them to the Appalachian Mountain Club Annual Dinner on November12th.

I learned that Columbus Day is the busiest hiking day at Mt. Monadnock and that is clearly evident in the second photograph. Enroute to the summit, I stopped several times to admire the beauty around me. Amidst the sawtooth leaves of the mountain ash were clusters of Christmas berries. White birch, red berries, yellow and tangerine leaves were all framed against a bright blue sky. Simply stunning and I wasn't even at the peak.

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