Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Everywhere we went on St. John, we carried a snorkel and fins. By the time we reached the water, we were eager to jump in. I've posted some pictures taken with a cheap Kodak underwater camera (we are talking $9.99). For a cheesy camera, I'm real happy with my sea turtle picture (click on it for a larger view). The sea turtle I spotted at this nesting beach is either a hawksbill or a green sea turtle, I'll let you decide. I tailed that turtle for close to a half hour. The poor dear couldn't get rid of the shadow above it (me). Steve Irwin came to mind when I saw the stingray so I kind of freaked out when one ray turned around to face me. Eek I'm outta here! The stars in the sky were matched by stars in the sea (and a purple fan coral too). The last underwater photograph I posted is lousy, I know, but it's a picture of 2 cocoa-colored nurse sharks parked like buses under a chunk of coral. The island in the very last photograph is Whistling Cay. We kayaked out to the rocky beach and snorkeled around this behemoth. Holy cow, I was exhausted. It was tough getting back on shore, on the slippery rocks, and contending with flippers. Now I know what driftwood feels like.

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