Saturday, October 24, 2009

This past week I completed a final review of my December ChemMatters article. Today, I finished some writing that is due early next year. I'll let it sit around and ferment for a while just to make sure it reads ok. Now I really need to find another topic that lights a fire under me. No luck so far.

Today. I posted some photographs of a hike I was very apprehensive about. It was hot, humid, and hilly. We hauled heavy packs stuffed with two water bottles, snorkel and fins, and camera/camcorder. While walking, stones would roll in front of us, but upon closer examination they were really these giant hermit crabs. They get around by doing donuts. When I stepped inside an old sugar plantation, the sudden flapping of about twenty bats scared the daylights out of me. This hike also took us to some pre-Columbus petroglyphs in an ancient spiritual site. We also saw some deer, but best of all, after snorkeling, we charged uphill on the return!

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