Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm in the midst of developing a school program, but naturally I can't just do a Powerpoint presentation like everyone else. I believe in what I'm creating, but I'm wondering how it will be received. It's innovative in a way. Generally, if money is involved, in a choice between the tried and true or something new, I find a lot of people stick with what they know. I've had some really informative discussions on school visits with other more experienced writers. This has left me with several questions:
1. How many kids can the presentation accommodate? My original thought was one class at a time, but now I'm hearing that schools on tight budgets expect assemblies for an entire grade.
2. Is it me that prefers smaller presentations (true) or is it the nature of the presentation?
3. The presentation includes one hands-on activity. Can all the kids do this activity or should I scrap the idea?
I know this presentation will be educational, memorable, and fun.

And I have more questions swirling around in my head about my next project. The ole squirrel in the middle of the road issue. Maybe escaping from this scene will let me see through the facade.

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