Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I was stopped at a school bus waiting while this kid took his sweet ole time walking slowly while trying to zip up his jacket. I wanted to roll down my window and yell, "can you pick it up a little." Not because I'm impatient, but more because I have an important video I wanted to blog about today. This video explains the latest news about "Climategate." A computer system was hacked and climate emails were stolen, taken out of context and publicized. One comment in the video mentions how it has been "many years of scientists working against a relentless force." Other key points:
Somewhere near minute 7:45 of video - These emails were made public before an important climate conference in Copenhagen in hopes of undermining the science.

The major point:
Somewhere after 9 minutes of video - "130 different countries" and "a large number of scientists" were involved in studying climate change. THIS IS NOT A CONSPIRACY!
Also, the information for the K-2 class I will be teaching at Manchester Community College is now on the website. The information for my class is on page 4. We had a lot of fun last year!

Fingers crossed big time that if I fix last year's problem, this years entry will have the flare it needs to light the skies.

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