Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last night I was thinking about time. Time is a good friend when it's used to craft and sculpt a piece of writing. But time is not a friend when it slips away too fast. Although I am very happy that my article is out, I don't get a sense that it represents the time and effort that went into it. Such is life.

Today, I went back into the woods for more cross-country skiing. Enroute, we saw a deer and stopped to snap a picture. I rolled down the window and leaned out to take the shot. Walt beeped the horn in hopes that the deer would turn to face us, but it did not. After 2.5 hours on the trails at Fenton-Ruby Park in Willington, we were exhausted. On the way home, we drove by the field with the deer. It was still there--in the exact same spot. It was fake. LOL. Boy did we feel stupid.


  1. Thanks Rena, now I don't feel so stupid. My brother thought the same thing.