Friday, January 8, 2010

I posted a photograph of a bird that has been feasting on pumpkin pancakes in the the planter on my deck. Obviously, the pancakes were not a hit. At least someone likes them.

Today, I started writing the first three action-packed paragraphs of a new chapter. I still need to make a trip to the library for more research papers and more details, but it's been a hectic week. For now, stepping into a different time and place is a good thing.


  1. What a cute little bird! I'm sure the little bird appreciated them :) I've never had pumpkin pancakes, but I love pumpkin bread and I'd probably love them! Congrats on getting started on the new chapter! Happy 2010!

  2. They were okay, but I made the whole box and that was way too many. The bird did keep coming back and our cat set up shop close by, watching and waiting. Thankfully, she hasn't been successful picking off any birds. I made pumpkin bread this evening and we seem to eat that.