Saturday, January 23, 2010

Today I was particularly pleased to receive the Jan/Feb 2010 issue of Fun For Kidz. I have two articles in this issue, but one is more than a clip, it's a memory. In the article about hiking a glacier, there is a fairly big picture of my daughter Melanie wearing crampons. I emailed her the scanned pages (I only received one copy). She has no clue she's in the article. The other reason I'm real happy to get the article published is that I really like the writing in this one as I did the ChemMatters article that was published in December.

While in Boston earlier this month, I passed by the Grzimek's booth. I found out it's not "grzeemicks" as I have been pronouncing it, but it's more like "chermicks." Anyhow, passing the booth jarred my memory that back in 2005/2006 when I was working on an article about beavers I noticed an error in that encyclopedia. After talking with the very interested associate publisher, I emailed two pages of the 2004 version of this encyclopedia. I haven't heard a peep, but I'm fairly certain that what I found was indeed two small mistakes.


  1. As suspected, the above comment has been written in Chinese. It translates as follows:
    "What is the goal is not important, what goals can produce results that really counts"
    It was written by "Pig" which I take to mean someone born in the year of the pig (such as 1959). It certainly is a thought provoking statement of wisdom that I definitely agree with. And to think I even learned a little culture doing a bit of research to figure this out.

  2. Yes, but the link with it is not as noble (or decent) as the statement! - Rich

  3. Oh, are those dots supposed to be a link? I wondered about that.

    I goofed. Actually, I'm Rat (lovely indeed) not Mice.