Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yesterday, I went to Boston for the ALA Midwinter Conference. It was my first time at one of these events and hopefully I'll get the opportunity to go again. I haven't been to Boston in so long I was delighted that I was flawless driving and taking the T. I would have loved the opportunity to see Al Gore speak, but not for over $200.

As you can see from the photograph, I picked up a "few" things. If not for the weight of eighteen books, a mug and a bunch of other stuff, I might have stayed longer than the 5 1/2 hours I was there. I met some folks in the publishing industry and browsed booths brimming with new books. It felt like I was in a candy store.

I learned some new words. A blad (I have no idea what the spelling is) is a short thin summary book of the real thing. An ARC is an advanced reading copy and may contain errors. A whole pile of ARCs can get quite heavy. It seemed to me, quite a bit of money to spend on an imperfect copy of a book for the sake of reviews. Like everything else, I'm probably not fully understanding why they do it this way.

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