Thursday, February 11, 2010

Even though I hate to put a new post up here because I love that hibiscus photograph, I'm going to do it. I have more photographs to share from Magic Wings. The top photograph is of Zebra Longwing butterflies. The bottom is a whole board of live chyrsalis'. Looking at them, I was reminded of one I saw banging in the wind against the bark of a tree in Pennsylvania back in 2005. It was hanging by the tiniest thread. I wondered what kind of super strong glue held it in place. It must have been one wild amusement park ride for that caterpillar while it got its wings. Here's a short video I found of a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. (Note: The video could have ended after 1 minute and it might have been nicer if it was set to music versus chattering)

Yesterday, I finished editing an article about honeybees. It will be published in April or May of this year. I love the ending of that article.

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