Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today, I was in a research frenzy reading online material, digging up research papers and ordering ILL books at the library. I need to hit the university library some time soon. I am real happy to see that one really key book is checked in and another is already in transit! Woohoo!

This evening, my niece was over the house. I handed her the autographed copy of "Upon Secrecy" that has her name on the inside page. She was so thrilled to see her name. Her jaw dropped and her eyes widened when I mentioned the book was about spies. "Cool!" What she doesn't realize is that I have a bunch more books for her, but she's only getting one at a time so she'll appreciate them.


  1. In Chinese, this translates too: "People can not live like animals, but rather the pursuit of knowledge and the United States and Germany."

    That is true. Animals do not pursue knowledge, but they are capable of learning. In the near future, I'll have to post a photograph of my cat with her learned behavior that I taught her.