Saturday, February 6, 2010

Soapstone Mountain, Somers T

With Walt and my brother, I hiked up Soapstone Mountain today. We left late and hiked briskly uphill through about 2 inches of snow. Exhausted after three miles or so, we finally reached the lookout tower at the top. On this windy cold day, Mt Monadnock in New Hampshire was visible in the distance. By the time we got back, the three of us were frozen and starved so we had an apres hike party. Once again, I couldn't resist the stunning sunset right out the bay window.

I've received the ChemMatters theme list for articles for 2010 and spent some time reviewing those. I have a vague idea for a story about one of the topics. It's in line with another proposal I've been working on. There's also another webinar in the upcoming weeks.