Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I spent some time today thinking about and writing up a little blurb on potential markets for the work I just finished. The subject is challenging, but I think the market is huge and the need is there. Cryptic, I know. I need to move on to something new, but every time I step between projects, I fall into a writing rut. I'm trying to dig out and get moving again. Meanwhile this work awaits a crit.

On today's news I heard about the wolf slaughter in Idaho now that wolves are off the endangered species list. One guy that was interviewed said the wolves have decimated the elk population. Not according to the scientific research I've read. It's more like the wolves keep the elk population in balance. Without wolves, the elk population grows out of control and chews through aspen and willow trees. Songbirds and beavers use these trees so their populations decline. Check out the July 2008 issue of Highlights for more info.

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