Sunday, September 13, 2009

Charles Island, Milford

Today, Robinson Crusoe and I ventured out to Charles Island in Milford CT. We were impatient for low tide, sloshing through the water wearing old sneakers (a good choice). Now I have the recipe for foot fungus.   We discovered the altar, a remnant from a religious retreat in the 1930's. We knew it was time to head back when two boys warned us that the tide was coming in.

Charles Island is a haven for migrating shorebirds, so the interior of the island is closed during the summer. It is one of the three largest migrating shorebird habitats in CT. At low tide a tombolo connects the island to Silver Sands Beach, making it possible to walk there. If you don't return in time, the tide can reach five to six feet and it's entirely possible to get stuck on the island. The island has a lot of history connected to it.  Legend has it that Captain Kidd's treasure is buried there.

Lately, I've been increasing my social network, but I wonder about that sometimes. Facebook is a broad quilt tied together with common thread, but it's hardly thick enough to keep a person warm. Tomorrow, we meet and I should have time to get started on another outline.

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