Sunday, September 6, 2009

Soapstone Mountain, Somers

Today was another perfect day with great visibility. Walt and I ventured up to the tower on Soapstone Mountain in Somers, CT. It should have been named Soapstone Hill because it was a cakewalk, flip-flop hike of about 6/10 of a mile uphill on pavement. The initials "NF" carved in the tower made me think of nonfiction. There was a cornucopia of visitors today. We saw four people on horseback. We also encountered four Harley motorcyclists. None were wearing helmets, so I would have to conclude they liked the loud noise coming from their spitting, sputtering engines. We also talked with a lady from Holland.

I now have 121 words left to cut out of the article I've been working on and I've been doing my best to avoid the impossible.

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