Sunday, November 1, 2009

One day on the way to Waterlemon Cay, a great snorkeling place on St John, we stopped to explore the ruins of Annaberg Sugar Plantation. But it wasn't the ruins that I found most interesting, it was the plants in the area. Thankfully, many had markers. The reddish peeling bark of the turpentine tree is real easy to distinguish. A man we were talking to offered me a genip that he pulled from the genip tree. The fruit is like a large leathery green grape, mushy and golden inside with a pit that reminded me of an unshelled almond.

Yesterday I painted 2 of 4 3x5 feet pieces of vinyl and I'm real happy with the way they are turning out. Ideas need freedom to roam and flourish, but "curriculum" is the leash that restrains them. Grumble. Today, I reviewed the standards and decided this should be a grades 3-5 presentation, but I know that younger kids would enjoy it too!

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