Saturday, November 7, 2009

Today. I was pleasantly surprised to find this online post by Gwendolyn Hooks that mentions why websites are a good idea for writers. My website is mentioned.

I've been trimming armholes and I just finished sewing shoulder seams using six rows of stitching across each. They should be pretty strong. What started out as a tube costume that closed in the back is now an over-the-head costume that closes on the sides. Hey, it works for me! Next, I need to put velcro on the sides and I'm toying with adhesive (which we have in the cellar) or sew-on velcro. Adhesive is much faster, but will it come loose? For a science and technology program, there is a lot of art in the homemade costumes, painted and sewn. While making alterations, I tried the costume on a number of times. At one point I was kneeling, trying to gauge how it would look on someone much smaller--much better!

I've also started playing with Windows Media player in hopes of posting some St. John videos of animals. I'm quite rusty with that.

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