Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When I first started writing seriously in 2002, I was wearing rosy colored sunglasses (yes, I do own a pair). I had no idea what direction my writing was going to take nor just how challenging of a journey it would be. It was like building a snowman. You break your back rolling and rolling trying to make nothing into something, but you've no idea where this snowman will end up nor the journey you will take to get there. Through the years, I have found a direction that is perfect for me. It is in line with my interests and works with my background. Last night and early this morning I devised a little plan (that I wish I had thought of earlier). I am pursuing an opportunity. If I'm fortunate enough to obtain that piece of the puzzle it would be a huge jump start to obtaining 1 or 2 other pieces. Taken together those 2 or 3 pieces will be extremely beneficial pursuing yet another awesome opportunity. With a little luck, maybe this snowball will start ripping up the grass soon! But, if that first thing doesn't pan out, I've already got a back up plan waiting. I must say, I'm not one to pass on opportunities. But I am one to waste time blogging. Now it's back to work......but first the sunshine is luring me outside for some exercise. Charge!

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