Saturday, February 28, 2009

I just returned from the Banff Mountain Film Festival and enjoyed it very much. Although they say it's their 12th year in CT, it was my first time attending. The auditorium was sold out. The speaker from Alberta Canada said they stop in 275 communities in 30 countries. They tour in 7 continents including Antarctica. I was amused when he mentioned in Antarctica it sells out because there's nothing to do there. There were a couple of extreme sport films that left you wondering why anyone would risk it - biking down railings, climbing rocks that don't look climbable, and kayaking over HUGE waterfalls. Other films dealt with environmental issues. The topics were so fitting with what I write about. One film had excellent footage of grizzlies catching and chewing salmon. Another made me remember a topic that interested me, but I had forgotten about. And a third gave me a totally new idea. Yep, I'd definitely do that again!

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