Friday, May 27, 2011

The ending of my article is moving along, but it's still not there. I have six more days before I pass it off to my critique group. Hopefully, it'll be rocking by then. Currently, I'm reading about writing. This book feels like it has opened another doorthe door to the first day of college. It's probably because of the chapter on characterization for fiction. I suppose I could have skipped it and gone straight to the nonfiction parts, but I wouldn't want to miss any savory nuggets in between.

Since the Mars rover Spirit has been in the news I thought I'd post my photograph of a Mars Rover taken at the National Air and Space Museum. Here's a letter from the head of the Mars Exploration Project Manager to his team about the end of Spirit's mission. NASA's Spirit was sent out for a three month mission that lasted over six years.

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