Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I've been having internet problems since May 1st at about 2:30PM (not that I'm keeping track at all). Today the phone guy was here to look at the line. He found some corrosion down the street so hopefully it's fixed.

The chemistry article is now about 2/3 done. I reread it this morning and when I got to the chemistry part it felt like the words fell off the paper and into a tar pit. That part was lousy. So, I looked at it and tried to figure out why it dragged. I finally concluded that the writing was generalized. It helped immensely when I related it to the specific topic I was writing about.

My next crit group email date is June 8th so that now becomes my deadline to finish this article. Getting questions together is my new priority. Hopefully, (this article - bibliography) + the fiction piece is < or = the 10 page maximum we set.

These photographs are from the National Museum of Natural History. This room is where scientists examine fossils. I once did an archaeological dig with my youngest daughter. No one in the group found anything terribly noteworthy. It must be so exciting to scrape away the dirt and find a 15 million year old bone. Note: Click on the top photo and you can read the note easier.

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