Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Internet service (if you want to call it that) has been so poor that it has been impossible for me to do any research lately. Thankfully, I'm writing and revising at this time. Walt, a software engineer, insists that it is NOT a virus. He says how can FIVE computers all have virus'? He's also rerouted the downstairs computer to bypass the phone line and replaced/disconnected filters. I dug up a 3/20/11 email from the phone company (hint: begins with an "A") about changes to terms of service:

1. Added language to allows us to convert customers from DSL to U-verse, where available (the next door neighbor has this).
2. We have added language that you are responsible for paying collection agency fees (are they anticipating people will not be paying their bills? Why?)
3. We have added language that allows us to terminate customers who harass or abuse our employees (are they expecting to get harassed and abused? Why?)

I did a broadband test. When the light was flashing orange I called the phone company. THREE times the light turned green while on the phone. The minute I hung up it turned orange.
I'm paying for a MONTH of internet service and not getting it. I think this is wrong. All wrong. Is giving bad service an acceptable means of doing business? Why do they feel they need to take this approach?

As for my article, I've stripped away about 7 lines that were interesting, but off topic. I think they dragged it down. The quotes that I have from two scientists are in, but I'm still waiting on the third. I'm about halfway through the book I'm reading and entering a chapter on love scenes. Oh yeah, as a writer of nonfiction science, I have so much use for that chapter. But I'll read it. I'm one of those writers that TOTALLY avoids animal love scenes too. I'm eagerly awaiting the chapters on writing nonfiction.

I thought a nice flower photograph should accompany this whiny post. Again, this is spring in D.C.. Hopefully, I can post this before my internet service grrrrrrrrinds to a halt again.

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