Friday, May 20, 2011

This morning the songbirds kept me company while I worked outside wrapped in a snuggie blanket. That was SO pleasant. Somewhere along the line my writing friends and I got our dates crossed as far as when we're meeting next. I think what may have happened is that we inadvertently set our meeting date an extra week ahead and one of my writing friends noticed this. Anyhow, my new self-inflicted deadline is June 1st.

My article is in really good shape. There's still plenty left undone, the final section and ending to untangle, all the quote stuff to contend with and the fine-tooth scrutinizing for accuracy. Aside from that it's an exciting topic that I'm enjoying and it's much less complex than others I've chosen.

Here's a shot of a sloth bear at the National Zoo in Washington D.C. They live in India and Sri Lanka and eat ants and termites. Delicious. Apparently they like cantaloupe too.

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