Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I was up at the university library this morning collecting 6 research papers and making copies of pages in a Proceedings of Science book. There was only 1 magazine article I had trouble finding, but it's not a necessary item. While there, I asked the librarian how to go about getting access to a rare item in another universities library. I don't want to do it wrong and blow it. Little did I notice on that libraries website was a link called "planning your research trip." Duh. Anyhow, it looks like there's an online form and I have to bring two forms of ID. It will be quite exciting if I can actually see what I'm writing about!

Considering I was at the University for all of 3 hours, I ran into a classmate of my kids. He told me he was majoring in molecular and cellular biology. Sounds impressive. When I mentioned green fluorescent protein, I could tell by his expression he didn't have a clue.

A trip to the university is not complete unless you stop at the dairy bar. They've even got gingersnap ice cream.

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