Sunday, March 29, 2009

Valley Falls Park and Rail Trail, Vernon

Yesterday, I ran 8 miles on the trail, an old railroad line that cuts through the middle of a ridge. Hopefully the article I'm writing will turn out the same way - strong from start to finish. The analyst in me took over as I mulled over my visit to Yale Beinecke Library. I thought about all of the information I have gathered so far. I often go to the trail to think, exercise, or work off frustration. Here's some pictures of the trail where I run, hike, bike, cross-country ski and snowshoe.
A view from the cliffs. Looking down, you'll see a bicyclist on the trail below.
It's no wonder I tripped and got all muddy one time while running on this trail.
The yellow trail is not officially called the "Yellow Brook Road," but it should be.

Sometimes I sit on the rocks in front of the new bench and write.

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