Friday, April 1, 2011

Blogger has a nifty new feature where it can display a collection of blog photographs all at once.
Here's a look at the snapshot option which I really like:!/

On the upper right portion of the screen there is a drop-down button where you can choose other display options like mosaic, flipcard, sidebar, and timeslide. Check it out!

To enable my blog to be displayed in these formats, I had to change a few settings:

  • The blog feed had to be fully enabled. In the Settings | Site feed tab, enable either Full or Jump Break for the Post Feed.
  • I had to enable dynamic views. In the Setting | Formatting tab, the option for Enable Dynamic Views is set to Yes.

  • This feature only works for public blogs where the reader doesn't need to sign in.

    Aside from those unexpected finagling with settings this morning, I've been working on a chemistry article. It's coming along well, but needs to be at least five times bigger than it is.

    I'm still waiting on a number of things--a clip, an opportunity, and approval. It would be nice if all three came through.

    A fox trotted through our front yard this morning. The only thing I saw were the tracks.

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