Monday, April 11, 2011

Seven Sisters, Massachusetts - part 1

I changed my mind. That package of stuff that I was going to mail early next month is going out in today's mail. No sense holding it up for one or two line items that may or may not happen. It's better to get it out of here and checked off the list. I decided to redo the entire online application because it looked unformatted and messy after I hit enter. Maybe when they print it out it will look beautiful, but why take the chance? I also went with color clips this time.

My goal is to secure a location for this presentation by month's end. I have a couple of ideas.

I've been digging deeper into research on my article. Quite by luck I found a handsome oversized book when Julia and I were at the library on Saturday. Great photographs!

Speaking of photographs, these were taken at Seven Sisters in Massachusetts. Here is the trail map for the Metacomet-Monadnock Trail which took us up Long Mountain (fitting name), then Rattlesnake Knob, then up Mt. Norwottuck then back again. The top photograph is the view from the tallest peak, Mt. Norwottuck. The bottom photograph is a view from Long Mountain looking out at Mt Norwottuck, a long hike away.

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