Friday, April 15, 2011

Seven Sisters, Massachusetts - part 3

While at the library last week I happened to find an oversized book on the topic I'm writing about. This thing is a great resource. The photographs are exceptional and the essays are all interesting and written by top researchers in the field. I was delighted that some of the researchers I plan to write about had written essays for this book.

I've been looking into some different ideas on where to give presentations. One website suggested Toastmasters (check), clubs and speakers bureaus. Since the program is for elementary aged kids, the Lions and Rotary Clubs are really not appropriate. However, if they were interested I'd be happy to present. I looked up environmental clubs in CT and noted that these clubs exist at the high school level, but there does not appear to be much going on at the elementary age level (that has a web presence at least). I was happy to find a whole list of speakers on one website, but I wondered how much traffic that site gets. Thus my first thought is local and small. If my kids were still in elementary school I think it would be easy work to convince a teacher since I used to volunteer in their classrooms all the time.

Here are a couple more photographs of the Seven Sisters. I regret that Walt and I did not pretend to hang on like we were falling off a cliff (grin). Actually, the rock sloped downward and was a perfect set up for the camera to take the photo without a human holding it. We noticed a couple of these boxes with log books in them.

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