Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cherry tree and tulips

I'm off and running in one direction on this article, whether it's the right one remains to be seen. It all depends on the concept they want to convey. I've got a pretty decent first couple of paragraphs that I think can withstand any change in focus of the article. The new printer is here and very much in use printing research papers and everything I need to critique (done!). Twinky has made nine blank copies, but she doesn't seem interested in reading them.

They say the climate is changing and spring is arriving two weeks earlier than it used to. During April vacation, it was beautiful to experience an early bloom by traveling to D.C. Mass plantings of tulips were everywhere. The bottom photograph, "the citrus collection," was taken while passing the beautiful grounds of the Marriott enroute to the National Zoo. The Cherry Blossom Festival had passed and there was one lonely tree by the Tidal Basin that must have been sleeping during the festivities. It's great to come home to a second bloom that is just starting here in CT.

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