Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Here's a picture of the iced Hinoki cypress tree we have out front. The poor thing looks frozen to the stem.

Today, I had some fun on the trail cross-country skiing. Conditions were excellent for fast moving. In the sparkling woods, I met an elderly gentleman and talked to him for quite a while. He was an expedition leader for the AMC for a long time and he's hiked many of the trails in CT. His efforts were incorporated in two CT Forest and Parks Association books, Connecticut Walk Book East and Connecticut Walk Book West. He told me the state purchased a chunk of land in town that may become a state forest. He also mentioned the little red barn at Valley Falls Park, where we were skiing, was slated to become a nature education center, a place to occupy camp kids on rainy days with things like slide shows. That's when my ears perked right up. "Slide shows you say?" So, I told him what I was up to and he asked me my name. It occurred to me at the time that bringing the program to camp kids would certainly be a good way to spread the knowledge.

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