Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Last week, I went to the Hill-stead Museum in Farmington CT. The grounds were so nice, set high on a hill. I was quite impressed with the artwork hanging on their walls, especially the pastel speckled Monets. Who knew?

Later this year, when the weather warms I plan to explore the trails. Maybe I'll return for another poetry reading in the garden, hopefully with a violinist like last time. It is such a pleasant relaxing thing to do.

This past weekend I received a check for Chautauqua and mailed that in. YIPPEE! That was a nice cheery piece of mail that I thoroughly enjoyed ripping into. This week, I've been working on the 500-word statement, part of my end of the bargain. Tomorrow, I hope to get a firm commitment on a presentation date. I'm not sure why I find this getting dates stuff hard to do.

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