Saturday, February 5, 2011

Talcott Mountain State Park, Bloomfield - part 2

I posted two more photographs from Talcott Mountain State Park. The tower wasn't open.  If it was, binoculars would have been a great idea. The top photograph was a very peculiar tree I spotted right at the end of the road where you park the car. It was the only tree with stripped bark. My first thought was that maybe it was a scratching post for black bears. Plenty of black bears have been sighted in this area of Connecticut. What do you think?

Yesterday, I practiced my presentation a few times. At one point, I was interrupted when one of the cats knocked over two vases and sent water trickling onto the floor. Then one cat tried to hop in the bag and play with my hands-on goodies. After a few practice runs, I decided it's more manageable to divide the whole presentation into three equal pieces (15-20min each) : beginning, hands-on middle, and inquiry based ending. Now, I'm eager to share what I know.

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