Tuesday, February 22, 2011

McLean Game Refuge - Simsbury/Granby

Last Friday, I went cross-country skiing at McLean Game Refuge. I've been there twice and I still haven't seen the whole place. The woodsman road was wide and gently sloping, perfect for skiing even if the messy pines left their needles and pinecones all over the snow. Someone in the parking lot mentioned seeing what they thought was a bear. It was an exceptionally warm day and there are bears in the area, but I just read they den from late November until mid-March, so who knows. That tall box on a pole was a bat condominium.

Today, I should finish improvements to the end of the presentation. I made some minor modifications to a Halloween costume and found some dazzling glitter foam. I LOVE this foam. It's so kid-friendly. Once that is done, my next conquest will be finding a new venue.

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