Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mansfield Hollow State Park - Mansfield

Tuesday, I drove up to Mansfield Hollow State Park with the intention of cross-country skiing. It was a shivery morning and the snow was iced over. Wind chill sunk the temperatures down to the teens and single digits. Thankfully, I brought my snowshoes and used them instead of trying to maneuver in slippery conditions. I had difficulty finding my location on the park map and wondered if I'd still be wandering around the woods in the morning. It would have been nice if they had put that school on the map! A couple of times the frosty forest opened up to breathtaking vistas of the frozen lake. At another point, the trail divided in two directions.  The left route was flat.  Straight ahead was a steep, slick hill. Naturally, I had to take the more challenging route. The top photograph was the view at the top.

I want to keep the momentum going with this presentation. It occurred to me after speaking with the librarian that the programs there have more to do with the arts or live animals than science. She mentioned the possibility of presenting during the summer. I can't let this sit until the summer. It is fresh in my head and too important to bottle up and stick on a shelf. My focus now is trying to find a place to present it so it becomes more ingrained in my memory.

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