Friday, February 11, 2011

Last night, I demoed my presentation in front of eight adults at Toastmasters, a record crowd. This time, I wasn't nervous, I was raring to go. It was GREAT to have a forum with all kinds of comments and suggestions before going live with this. One of the big suggestions was to get the kids more involved in the parts of the presentation where I was droning on too long. Someone suggested I have them act out a story or stories. I can do this easily at the beginning, but the end will require more thought. Someone else suggested having the kids do an action that I did. That would be very easy to do. Another person suggested having notes in front of me versus reading the Powerpoint screens. I took notes as they commented around the room:
"extremely knowledgeable"
"passionate about the subject"
"kids would absolutely love the hands-on part of the presentation"
Now I've got to think about the best way to make it better.

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