Thursday, February 3, 2011

Talcott Mountain State Park, Bloomfield - part 1

I snowshoed at Talcott Mountain State Park on this well-packed trail. It  reminded me of a luge run. The journey was short and fast up to the ridge and the winter view. On the way up, I stopped to talk with a woman carrying a large backpack.  I wondered why she needed such a hefty backpack for a hike that was a cakewalk. Well, she was no wuss.  She was preparing for a winter hike up Mount Washington, a trek that would likely require crampons. Although I've hiked that mountain many times and many ways, I've never done it in winter.

I met my friends today and we hashed over our work. I spent the day revising this article. I'm now..... gulp.....committed to speaking at the next Toastmasters meeting and not just for the 5–7 minute time frame. Oh no, that would be far too easy. I've got a 45 to 55 minute time slot.  If I hear any snoring, I'll call on people to answer questions. Good lord, what have I done?

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