Tuesday, May 19, 2009

4:28 A.M., two things occurred to me.
1. Coincidentally, a few days ago I read a book that had a picture of barium sulfate in it. In the last article I completed, I wrote briefly about barium sulfate. The book mentioned it is phosphorescent. That got me wondering if this is the component in anatase that makes it glow under an ultraviolet light. No barium sulfate was found in the map ink. This is a key question. Does pure anatase without barium sulfate glow under ultraviolet light? If yes, that explains everything. If no, the mystery deepens. What is causing the ink to glow under UV light. And I thought I was done analyzing this.
2. If publishers are struggling due to difficult economic times and writers are undervalued, I don't see how they can be appropriately valued. Then again, I'm only on Chapter 3 of "A Whole New Mind."

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