Monday, May 18, 2009

I found this post at Roger Tory Peterson Institute about nest eggs. It clearly says not to disturb the nest! I was talking to my next door neighbor. Every year a robin makes a nest in his rhododendron bush and something bites the heads off the baby birds. SICK! He removes the nest before the eggs are laid.

I'm enjoying reading my blog traffic reports. The thing that entertains me the most is the bizarre search criteria used to enter the site. Today a friend got here by doing a google search on "Linda Zajac this is Emily." Cute.

Today, I added a science link to the Howard Hughes Medical Center CoolScience website. It looks like a pretty decent site for educators and for kids too.

I read a couple of nonfiction science books edited by an editor I've worked with and now I'm reading "A Whole New Mind" by Daniel Pink. Page 1: "The last few decades have belonged to a certain kind of person with a certain kind of mind - computer programmers who could crank code.......The future belongs to a very different kind of person with a very different kind of mind - creators and empathizers.....These people - artists, inventors, designers, storytellers...... will now reap society's richest rewards and share its greatest joys." Interesting that it mentions the computer programmer of my past and the "storyteller" of the present. I missed creativity when I did computer work. It mentions the creative fields have always been undervalued. I've always associated that with the population of writers not with the actual value/importance of the job - sort of a supply/demand scenario. And we all know there is a HUGE supply of writers. The book is certainly giving me material to think about.

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