Saturday, May 23, 2009

At the library this past week, I picked up a survey to complete. The library received money from somewhere (grant? donor?) and they're trying to find the best use for that money. One question was to describe your ideal library. There is enough space for one sentence and that's it. Hah. One of my very first thoughts was a drive thru window. Most of the time I run to the library to fetch inter library loans at the circulation desk, then I'm gone. A drive thru window would make it easier for parents with small children, people with walking problems, and others who arrive for quick book pick-ups. After a quick search, I was surpised that some libraries in PA and OH have them. My library is is in an old mansion which has a marble circulation desk that is very elegant. But it's very open. Little spaces with cozy couches and plants would make me want to stay there versus grab and run. And certainly any renovations should be environmentally appropriate. There's plenty of other questions, but that one alone got me thinking.

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